November 47367 had been used on engineering trains on the northern section of the railway delivering sleepers for the works team extending the line further North towards North Elmham having had reached Worthing. During the period of December 47367 was as the thunderbird during the Santa special season but was not called upon. The Winter Gala followed, and again the loco performed with no problems. Since the fitting of the working hours meter it has run for 138 hours has been accumulated. Some running repairs have taken place over the winter months, and this has seen the battery isolating switch have new linkage fitted for the pull cord. This was caused by the Bakelite connection breaking after many years of the outside pull cord pulling on it. The coarse fuel filters have been cleaned out and a new windscreen wiper fitted to the second man’s side on the No.2 cab. A replacement dummy for the main reserve air pipe has now been fitted to the loco and the painting crew have busied themselves with painting in the generator / electrical cubicle areas.
After arriving back at Carnforth at the end of October Essex carried out various shunting and carriage heating duties until early December. A new set of batteries where fitted after discovering that two banks a number of cells would not hold a charge making 47580 reluctant to start. It must also be remembered that 47580 is an EP (Electro Pneumatic) start and uses compressed air to start the engine, and drains the batteries on starting more so than EM (Electro Mechanical). A replacement set have been fitted by mid-March. By mid-February work had started on on removing the exhaust and water connections. All twelve heads were removed and cleaned, the liners were checked for leaks, new ‘soft’ iron rings, water and exhaust gaskets were fitted, and the twelve heads were then refitted. Water and exhaust systems were then refitted to the engine, the work being completed by the end of February.
December has seen 47596 working the Santa season and has performed faultlessly throughout completing all the diagrams without any issues. The Winter Gala followed, and again the loco performed with no problems. Following the Gala 47596 received a B exam. The loco had been suffering from a heavy oil leak from the governor drive shaft which required the removeal the governor and carry out the necessary repairs. Work was also carried out on the inline governor oil filter with new seals and reassembled. With all the work completed and the batteries recharged 47596 was restarted. The loco fired up and ran with no problem, but it soon became apparent that the all the auxiliary equipment and the battery charging circuit were not working. Investigation revealed that the over voltage relay had tripped out, preventing all the auxiliary equipment from running. The fault was traced to one of the electronic modules and was exchanged and the problem was solved. Other work carried out during the period under review included checking all the traction motor brushes, greasing the traction motors and cannon tubes. Repairs were also carried out to the AWS Baldwin valve in No.1 end cab. drained without removing the filter bowl. All motor gear cases were topped up with Motak.
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