Built by: Brush of Loughborough
Works Number: 648
Date to traffic: 18/09/65
Numbers carried: D1886 / 47367
Brakes: Dual braked from new, Air only 02/98, Dual Braked (Vacuum reinstated) 02/07
Train heat: Boiler not fitted but boiler water tanks removed 12/77
  boiler removed and fitted with ETH alternator BL100-30 and 600 amp EHT cubicle 05/80,
Liverys: Two Tone Green from new,
  BR rail blue 12/77 (last 47 in two tone green),
  Railfreight red stripe railfreight 09/89, Stratford sparrow applied ‘87 & removed in 08/96,
  Freightliner two-tone gray (Freightliner) 02/98,
  BR Blue 02/11
Named: “KENNY COCKBIRD”, unofficial painted Tinsley name applied 10/02/92, painted out by 05/96
Radio telephone: NRN fitted by 10/88
AWS : BR Standard
Headlight: fitted by December 86
Other mods: long range fuel tanks, multiple working fitted, vacuum brakes removed, cabs refurbished, ccb fitted: 02/98
Classified repairs (overhauls carried out at Crewe Works unless stated otherwise)
1968 : Light 1977 : Heavy General Repear  09/87 : CEM
1972 : Intermediate 05/82 : Light  02/98 : CEM carried out at Toton TMD 
1974 : Light 05/83 - 11/83 : Unclassified repair    
18/09/65 : Immingham 31/10/87 : Stratford 24/04/96 : Reinstated
09/09/67 : Tinsley 25/11/90 : Immingham 29/04/96 : Crewe 
18/04/70 : Immingham 29/09/91 : Tinsley 26/09/01 : Stored
12/05/73 : Crewe 20/03/96 : Stored    
04/87 :  FXXA  01/89 :  FAGS 03/94 : DAST  02/98 : DFLM
08/87 : FPLX  11/90 : FABI 04/96 : DHLT 09/01 : DHLT
02/88 : FALG  09/91 : MDAT  09/96 : DHLT  
Other details:
On 03rd May 1983 while working 6L32 Teesport - Hunslet East Oil Terminal block oil train. 47367 ploughed into the back of an e.c.s. parcels train for Redbank on the up goods lines at Neville Hill. The loco off the e.c.s. parcels train had been off to get some more vans from the sidings and as a net result required the parcels train to set back in the loop when 47367 had entered the loop. The result being the back vehicle riding over the buffers and destroying the number 1 end cab of 47367 and the driver only survived due to the seat coming adrift which saved his life. Help came form Healey Mills breakdown train around 13:30 and 47367 was initially moved to Neville Hill TMD before being moved to Crewe works. Recorded as being out of service from 09/05/83 and received new number 1 Cab fitted at Crewe works and released on 09/11/83.

Account from the driver of 47367

I entered the loop with a heavy train and probably wasn't travelling along as slowly as I maybe should have done, but at the same time, something strange was happening with the train in front. It appeared to be moving towards me as I approached it. I was questioned by my boss a few days afterwards and one of the questions asked was "was the train you hit coming towards you?" to which I said I wasn't sure. All I was interested in was slamming my brakes on as hard as possible. After that I never heard another word about the incident for a good ten years. There was no inquiry and no blame was laid at my door. One day I was talking to a Traction Inspector called Jimmy Hatch and the incident was mentioned. I told him I thought it was strange that nobody had ever come back to me about the incident. He was shocked that I'd heard nothing about it in the meantime. He told me that the signalman had taken the blame for it because apart from the fact that he shouldn't have been turning my train in on top of another train like that, he was also allowing a shunting movement to take place. The parcel train had stopped at the light at the end of the loop, detatched the loco, gone into the sidings and picked up a few more vans, gone back onto his train in the loop, and then propelled his train back behind the light. Thats when I was approaching it. I only actually hit the back of the van doing a very slow speed, but because of the weight on my loco, the van sprung up over the buffers of my engine and pranged the front where the head code indicator is. Read into both reports what you will. The only thing I will add to it is that if the railways had deemed me to be guilty as the first report said, I'm bloody sure that I'd have had my knuckles well and truly rapped, even considering that I was supposedly "inexperienced" (I'd been passed as a driver for 18 months at this time), but I can honestly say that I've never heard anything official about the incident since.
Withdral and disposal:
Last worked 19/08/01 4E78 20:18 Southampton - Wilton as far as Basford Hall, stopped with wheel set problems, sent to Crewe EMD for tyre turning then taken to Fragonset at Derby for bogie change 23/08/01, work was never carried out & loco withdrawn. On September 2002 Freightliner put up there 1st tender list with 47367 and 47376 where the only two 47's from the tender to pass into presavation on 21/11/02.

Information supplied by Richard Levett / Peter Jaqcues
coauthors of Class 47 datafiles
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